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Weimaraner was originally bred as a gundog to handle big game like deer and bear, the ‘Silver Ghost’ or ‘Grey Ghost’ was a highly sought-after dog breed originally in Germany in Weimar region. Today, these elegant but demanding dogs are still used for hunting but can also make a fine family friend if provided with proper mental stimulation and well exercised.

Part of their appeal is a silver, grey or mouse-grey sleek coat, piercing blue eyes in pups turning into grey or amber when they get older. They have elegant and aristocratic appearance and are loyal and devoted companions, most often one-person dog. They desire human companionship and stay in very close range with their owners most of the times. That is why they are not really fitted to live outdoors and where can become aggressive or destructive. Also their bold bellies, short hair without undercoat doesn’t make them suitable as permanent yard dogs.

In general Weimaraners are friendly, intelligent and alert but that can easily turn against you if you are not experienced owner and they may not to be the best breed choice for first-time dog owners. They might be stubborn, wilful and have their ‘own minds’, all this requires very skilful handling, firm, consistent but very gentle and balanced on the other hand. They are very sensitive and don’t handle harsh training well. They will challenge your patience to its limits. Attending puppy classes could be the best start you can give them. Look for positive methods orientated training to have fun with your puppy and gain the trust of your Weimaraner. They need (like every dog) socializing and as they usually have very high prey drive (will chase all small ish furry animals as well as runners and bikers) this brings they training to a bit higher level and not everybody is willing to make this commitment.

As mentioned before Weimaraners are a house dogs. They cannot be kept outside but will benefit to certain extent from a well fenced garden. They are high energy and very smart dogs so leaving them in it for long hours isn’t the best idea. They will get bored and in the best case scenario redo your flower beds, the worst one is total destruction, excessive barking, aggression and eventually escape. So channelling all that intelligence and energy in proper way by good amount of exercises, walks, games, training and other mental stimulation is a task that every Weimaraner owner has to fulfil each and every day.
Once he's socialized and trained, the Weimaraner is a versatile dog who can be a good hunting companion, show dog, compete in agility or other sports, and be just perfect family friend.